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Digital Resources - Teachers

Digital Resources – Teachers

In addition to our print resources here in the Library, we also have access to many online digital resources. These resources are available to students, teachers and parents and can be accessed at school and at home. For example: College and Career Readiness, e-Book, General Information, Magazines and Journals, Newspapers, Primary Sources, Reading and Literature, Science and Math, Social Studies and Videos. 

“TexQest is a statewide digital resource program of the Texas State Library and the Archives Commission that provides anytime, anywhere access to high quality, authoritative digital resources to all educators, students and students’ immediate families in Texas K-12 public schools. Supported, in part, by appropriations from the Texas State Legislature, Texas districts pay a small per student participation fee to gain access to TexQuest resources from the providers listed on this page. The Texas State Library and Archives Commission administers all aspects of the TexQuest program and is responsible for selection and coordination of all TexQuest resources, as well as district invoicing.” 

***Teachers, make sure that our usernames and passwords are not published on the open internet (e.g. your webpage). 

G4 Card Catalog for L.H. Rather Junior High School Library

This is the link to the L.H. Rather Junior High School card Catalog. You may search for books from school and home. It does not require any login information. 

Digital Resources for Educators (TexQuest) 

Primary Resources, Full-Text eBooks, General, Reading and Literature, Science and Math, Social Studies and Videos.

***Please see the Librarian for login information. Resources can be accessed at school and at home. 

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